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Apaulo Productions Guitar Spa treatment is a holistic method that involves the detailed inspection, cleaning, and setup of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars to rigorous professional standards.  

The Guitar Spa treatment will give new life to any guitar - be it an everyday workhorse covered in sweat or a long-time closet dweller that has been collecting rust and dust for a while. Aside from the full cosmetic detailing (deep cleaning, wax, & polish), each instrument's fingerboard will be cleaned and hydrated, the nut will be flossed, and all mechanical and electrical components will receive a full inspection, testing, and cleaning. Any problems will be noted and a recommendation and/or estimate for future repairs/maintenance will be provided. Measurements of the neck, bridge, nut, and pickup heights will be taken and adjustments will be made for optimal playability. Each instrument also receives a new set of strings and a detailed intonation adjustment.

This unique and intensive process was developed by Apaulo Productions   owner, Paul Westbrook over a period of more than a decade while traveling with and caring for the musical instruments of major artists like Greta Van Fleet, Carrie Underwood, John Hiatt, Babyface, MercyMe, and One Republic as well as top sidemen like Nils Lofgren (E-Street Band), Michael Ripoll (Babyface), Shawn Tubbs (Carrie Underwood), Jim Suhler & Bill Blough (George Thorogood and the Destroyers), and Brian Nutter, Jerry Flowers, & Jimmie Lee Sloas (Keith Urban).

Give your guitar the Rock Star treatment with 

Apaulo Productions Guitar Spa!

100% Money Back Guarantee. Gift Certificates Available.

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