8 channels of Apogee AD/DA conversion


Universal Audio, Apogee, and Yamaha preamps


Universal Audio, DBX, and Alesis compression


Lexicon Fx


Shure, Rode, Audio Technica, and CAD mics


Radial and SansAmp DIs


LR Baggs guitar pickups and preamps


ART headphone amp


Audio Technica and Bose headphones


Korg midi controller


Yamaha and Event monitors


Logic Pro and Harrison Mix Bus software


Ampeg and Gallien-Krueger bass amps


Fender and Marshall guitar amps


Line6, Boss, EHX, DOD, EBS, Wampler, & TC Fx


Alvarez, Takamine, and Yamaha acoustic guitars


Hamer and Sammick electric guitars


Fender, Carvin, and Greco bass guitars


Mogami Cabling


Funknicity - Paul H. Westbrook
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Audio Recording

In the digital age, everyone has access to powerful recording software and the market is flooded with products aimed at the average Joe. Nonetheless, building your own studio can be a costly and timely, not to mention, frustrating endeavour. Why not take advantage of Apaulo Productions' modern recording capabilities and 20 years worth of recording experience on both sides of the glass?! The atmosphere is intimate and casual with an emphasis on practical workflow and fun versus the rigid sterility of larger, more expensive facilities. Our rates are simple and fair. Let us record, edit, mix, and/or master your next studio project! We also offer mobile** stereo recording of live events. 


Session Rates 

(in the Richmond, VA area) 


Half Day (1-4 Hrs) - $100


Full Day (5-8 Hrs) - $200


Overtime (9-12 Hrs) - $350


All Nighter (13+ Hrs) - $500


Gift Certificates Available!

Flat Fee includes Studio, Engineer, and Access to All Gear Onsite

Unused hours cannot be refunded or transfered 

*All rates are subject to change without online notice

**Travel Expenses must be fully reimbursed

***Mileage is billed at $0.50/mile




Confessions of an Audiophile

I have been interested in knobs, buttons, and faders since I first learned to work a stereo cassette player. I began recording music with a 4-track machine at age 13. That same year, I entered my first commercial recording studio complete with a Harrison analog console and I have been hooked on 'the little red button' ever since. By college I had acquired my first digital recording program, Cool Edit Pro. Since then I have continued to build a collection of analog and digital gear to suit my music production needs. I have worked with ADATs, DA-88's, MiniDiscs, and DATs as well as Pro Tools and Cubase DAWs. Apaulo Productions currently uses Logic Pro for tracking and editing and Harrison's Mix Bus software for mixing and mastering.


Aside from my own experiences, I have benefited from the sage wisdom of my peers. My passion for recording has been recognized and nurtured by top engineers and producers like Mark Moffatt (The Saints, Yothu Yindi), Shawn Berman (Guns n Roses, Toto), Jim Gaines (Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steve Miller Band), John Billings (Monte Montgomery), and Michael St Leon (George Thorogood, Buddy Guy) - all of whom have inspired, advised, and encouraged me along my journey as a recordist. I try to honor their contributions by passing along my love of the studio to others with an interest in the recording arts.          



My engineering and production credits include several Indie and DIY releases as well as a mountain of unreleased demos and EP's. (Samples Below)




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